Characteristics of different types of flower pots


  With the improvement of people's lives, planting […]


With the improvement of people's lives, planting flowers and grass is one of the leisure sports of people. Planting flowers can not only green the environment, but also absorb carbon dioxide and dust in the atmosphere, let us absorb fresh oxygen, and plant flowers are also inseparable from flowering pots. , Painted flower pot is a better flower pot, the following introduces the differences between various flower pots:

1. There are small pores around the plain burning pot, so the design is conducive to the decomposition of the nutrients in the soil and the removal of moisture, which is convenient for ventilation and good for the growth of flowers and roots. The disadvantage is that the texture of the pot is rough and its appearance is unattractive, and it is easy to break with time. Although it has disadvantages, when people who like to grow flowers love this kind of pot to raise flowers.

2. Plastic flower pots are cheap, the color of the flower pots is rich, and there are still problems with ventilation and drainage. Plastic flowerpots are suitable for cultivating plants that are not highly maintained, such as spider plants and weeping pots. There are many wooden flower pots in the shopping mall. The wooden pots are more breathable and have good drainage functions. They are suitable for growing flowers and plants. When the tub is mostly treated by antisepsis, use it for a long time. When changing the pot, sterilize the pot once and paint it to avoid decay and insects.

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