A Plastic Flower Pot Saver


A Plastic Flower Pot Saver Plastic flower pots are an i […]

A Plastic Flower Pot Saver

Plastic flower pots are an important staple for most commercial vegetable plant sales. Most greenhouse growers use plastic pots on a regular basis when transferring seedlings from the floor to the green house. This technique allows the young plants to grow up properly and acclimatize to the lower temperatures in the greenhouse. However, touching the hot end of a metal pot can cause serious burns. If the plastic flower pot saucer slips off the heat lamp on a sunny day it can cause a very painful burn on your tender plant.

Once you transfer a young plant to its plastic flower pot from the greenhouse, you must make sure that it has completely cooled off. Cover the young plant with a blanket or an old towel to prevent overheating. Touch the bottom of your plastic flower pots with tongs to gently press it down. Hold the tongs at least six inches away from the plastic flower pot rim so that you don't burn yourself.

If you plan to use plastic flower pots, you should always check on the weather before you plant your next plant. If you live in a region where cold winters occasionally come in, you should make sure that the plastic pot you decide on is not too deep or too wide. A plastic flower pot that is too deep will take forever to heat up even with the hottest heater while a plastic flower pot that is too wide will slowly lose its shape if the weight is too great. You should always plant your seedlings in a slightly larger pot so that their roots spread out more evenly in the ground.

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