Automatic watering pots are environmentally friendly


Nowadays, the concept of environmental protection is ge […]

Nowadays, the concept of environmental protection is getting more and more popular among the people. Protecting existing resources and protecting the ecological environment has gradually become a consensus. At present, growers still mainly use plastic flower pots for flower production, because plastic flower pots are difficult to degrade after being discarded, which has adversely affected the environment to a large extent. In order to solve this problem, many flowerpot manufacturers have developed soluble environmentally friendly flowerpots. For example, the automatic watering flower pots produced by are made of discarded pulp, which is not only environmentally friendly and lightweight, but also has bright colors and various forms, which attracted the attention of many participants, especially some foreign visitors. Pots of interest.

It is understood that at present, some places in foreign countries have passed laws that require growers to use plastic that can be recycled, and there are not many growers using soluble flowerpots in China. However, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, many consumers will pay more attention to the environmental factors of flower pots, which will surely drive more producers to start using environmentally friendly flower pots.

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