Baking paint pots are generally good ventilation


    When choosing a flower pot, it is usually a la […]


  When choosing a flower pot, it is usually a lacquered flower pot with smooth drainage and good ventilation. Generally, the bottom of the small and medium-sized flower pots is shallow, and the mouth and the bottom are wide. The drainage hole is opened on the bottom side to prevent underground pests from drilling into the bottom hole and damage. Standard, this kind of flower pot is better for transparency
        The lacquered flower pot is used to better decorate the flowers to achieve the ornamental effect. The lacquered flower pot has always been made from a variety of materials to make a variety of beautifully painted lacquered flower pots, and strive to lacquer the flowers Pots and flower plants are harmonious in shape and beautiful in mood. This type of lacquered flower pot is generally used to house the venue, the hall of the hotel, and it will highlight the golden splendor.

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