Characteristics of different types of flower pots


With the improvement of people's life, planting flowers […]

With the improvement of people's life, planting flowers and raising grass is one of the leisure sports of people. Planting flowers can not only green the environment, but also absorb carbon dioxide and dust in the atmosphere, let us absorb fresh oxygen, and plant flowers can not be separated from flower pots. Painted flower pots are better pots. The differences between the various pots are described below:

1. There are small pores around the pot. This design is beneficial to the decomposition of nutrients in the soil and the removal of moisture, which is convenient for ventilation and is good for the growth of flower roots. The shortcoming is that the texture of the flower pot is rough, the appearance is not beautiful, and it is easy to break with time. Although it has shortcomings, people who love to grow flowers love this flower pot to raise flowers.

2. Plastic flower pots are cheap, pots are rich in color, and there are still problems with ventilation and drainage. Plastic flower pots are suitable for cultivating plants that are not very high in maintenance, such as spider plants and stalks. There are many wooden flower pots in the mall. The wooden basin is more breathable and has good drainage function. It is suitable for planting flowers and plants. When the tub is mostly treated by anti-corrosion, the application time is long. When changing the basin, the pot is disinfected once, painted, avoiding decay and insects.

More categories of flower pots

1. Tile basin: called the vegetarian pot. This pot is made of clay and has two kinds of red and gray. It has good drainage and ventilation function, low price and complete standard. It is most suitable for household flower cultivation.

2. Purple sand pot: called pottery pot. It is exquisitely made, mostly purple, and its water permeability and venting function are not as good as those of tiles. It is used to plant moist plants and can also be used as a pot.

3. Ceramic pots are exquisite in skill, clean and elegant, and beautiful in appearance. The defect is poor drainage and ventilation. It is often used as a basin for tiles to decorate indoors or display flowers.

4. The glazed pottery basin is painted with glaze of various colors on the pottery basin. The shape is beautiful. The glazed pottery basin has poor drainage and a layer of glass inside.

5. Painted flowerpot sunscreen, bright color, fashion, is the visual beauty of the enjoyment, elegant appearance, smooth surface, water can meet many days of water, solve the problem of time and effort.

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