Chooses plastic flowerpots and trays perform much well in flower planting


Friends who like to plant a variety of flowers, no stra […]

Friends who like to plant a variety of flowers, no stranger to plastic flower pots. Whether it's planting flowers at home or green plants in the office, we all think that plastic pots and trays are more suitable.

The cultivation of flowers is inseparable from water, air and sunlight. Air and sunlight can be directly in contact with flowers without leaving any traces, but water is not enough. People are accustomed to choosing plastic flowerpots to grow flowers, but forgetting that when watering flowers, excess water will penetrate the outside of the flowerpots through the soil, leaving traces on the windowsill and table, affecting the growth of flowers, and also leading to indoor environment. Getting worse.

Manufacturers engaged in the production of flower pots also sell pallets, and trays of various specifications and sizes correspond to different types of plastic flower pots. Place the tray under the flower pot. When the water is poured, the excess water will not stain the window sill and the table, which is both beautiful and practical.

Material is one of the factors that manufacturers have to set the price of plastic flower pots. Although they are also made of plastic, these pots also have small differences. For example, some pots are made of PVC plastic and some are made by injection molding. Different materials and processes have different effects, which is the way manufacturers distinguish pots and set prices.

Manufacturers to determine the price of plastic flower pots will also be determined according to their shape. The flowerpots with beautiful appearance are more time-consuming and technically demanding. The plants planted with such flowerpots are more beautiful and more ornamental, and their market sales prices are naturally higher.

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