When you encounter three kinds of 'garbage', you have to go home, and when you simply handle it, you will become a unique flower pot.


Once I went to the street to pick up rubbish, and many […]

Once I went to the street to pick up rubbish, and many people disliked it. Even the neighbors would cast a look of disappointment, but then I used these rubbish to make my family's flowers and plants full of flowers, and the decorators were full of beauty. Onlookers appreciate, value. I must see you go home in the trash can, and I don’t regret it anymore. Let's take a look at the pots that are made of garbage.

1. A broken sauce tank adds unique color to flowers and plants.

I took the broken saucer home. First, I broke the upper part of it and threw it away, leaving only the lower part. Drill the eye with the electric drill on the bottom of the lower part of the lower part. Don't make the drilled eye too big. Leave the drain on it. Evenly drill 8-12.

Put the soil and sand in the tank to cultivate the succulent plants. All kinds of succulent plants are planted inside, and a perfect succulent potted flower is displayed. Seeing such a beautiful succulent plant, neighboring friends no longer look at me with a look of disappointment, full of pride.

If you don't have a sauce tank at home, you can also use some old-fashioned pickles or a tank for feeding pigs, or a dilapidated iron pot. Using them to grow succulents is a retro feeling and full of charm.

2, the worn tires as a flower pot placed on the wall is very beautiful.

Whenever I go downstairs, I will look at the trash can, just in time for someone to throw a worn tire, I hurriedly took it home for treatment, as a flower flower pot.

Separate the tires in two parts. It took a lot of effort to separate it with a sickle. A small number of small holes are evenly placed on the top of the tire, leaving a breathable and draining void. Then put the soil in the tire, bind the tire with a rope, and finally hang it on the railing or the wall, which can enhance its appreciation value.

If you feel that the black tire is very monotonous, you can paint it with colored paint, which is like an artwork hanging there, planting flowers is very atmospheric.

3. Shabby wood can also raise flowers. Have you seen it?

Whenever I saw someone who was decorating the rest of the wood and threw it, I felt a pity that raising flowers was just a treasure. It was perfect to take home as a flower pot. The wood that comes back is first smoothed on the outside of it. After the treatment, make a groove in the middle and keep it on both sides.

In this way, a rectangle is formed in the middle, and the outer side should be made as smooth as possible, looking like an art flower pot. The outer side of the flower pot can be smeared with colored paint to increase the appreciation value.

When the paint is completely dry, you can put the soil in the groove and plant a small potted flower, which is perfect. Although it seems to be rubbish, it is an art flower pot after it comes back to it. No matter where it is placed, it has a full sense of appreciation and is unique. Many neighbors have cast envious eyes on me, and friends who like to make it quickly go to pick up garbage. Make pots, it makes sense and you can experience different fun.

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