Plastic flower pots raise flowers, these points can not be ignored, or raise a basin to die, now it is not too late


Hello everyone, I am a star, and now many of my friends […]

Hello everyone, I am a star, and now many of my friends like to raise flowers and plants. For convenience, plastic pots will be used to raise flowers. Its practical plastic flower pots raise flowers, we must not ignore these points, or withered yellow leaves, raise a basin to die. If you have this trouble, read the small article carefully. Then tell everyone today, what details should be paid attention to when planting flowers in plastic pots!

The first gas permeability is not good, plastic flower pots are easy to accumulate too much water, if too much water is usually poured, it will lead to flower rotten roots. It's not so good that our green radish is too long due to too much water. If you want to use plastic pots, it is better to choose the smaller one for better breathability.

Secondly, because the plastic flowerpots are not permeable to water, we must choose the small holes in the bottom of the flower pot to plant flowers to avoid such problems.

Thirdly, it is also possible to select plants that are resistant to moisture, depending on the poor permeability of the plastic flowerpot.

For example, spider plant, green radish, monstera and so on. Place the flowers in the vents so that the flowers are as long as possible. If you feel that Xiaobian is helping you today, remember to share it with your family and friends and let more people know. Do you know a few notes about plastic flower pots and flower cultivation?

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