Disinfection method of plastic hangers


   Clothes hanger disinfection is actually very easy, b […]

   Clothes hanger disinfection is actually very easy, basically individuals can easily do it at home. Generally speaking, it takes more than half an hour to soak in 84 aqueous solution. If it's a bit annoying, 84 rubbing is fine, but the concentration is higher. The metal part of the plastic hanger can also be rubbed, but the metal part may become black or lose its luster, but for disinfection, there is no way to black it. Black spots. If the hanger is all metal, it can be baked on the fire or steamed in a pot, and it can also be sterilized. Or you can put it in the sun for a long time and it will have a good disinfection effect.

Plastic hanger transformation

If there is no shelf for hanging roll paper in the bathroom, it is very inconvenient to use paper. Next, I will teach you a way to transform a hanger into a roll paper shelf:

1. First cut off the middle of the hanger with pliers, and then cut off about 10 cm at each end.

2. Twist the lower part of the hanger to a rectangle.

3. Take out some issuing cards, or some outdated accessories (for beauty)

4. It is best to pick a hairpin and use the hairpin to clip the neck part of the hanger as a decoration to complete the DIY.

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