Flower pot selection tips


  There are many types of flower pots, ranging fro […]


There are many types of flower pots, ranging from rough tile pots to various types of purple sand pots and glazed pots, as well as porcelain flower pots. The tile basin is ideal as a flower cultivation tool, but the shape is ordinary, the craft is rough, and it is difficult to be elegant. Although the porcelain flowerpots are gorgeous and delicate, they cannot be directly planted with flowers and trees due to lack of water absorption and breathability. They are generally used as potted plants. The pottery pots are both beautiful and practical, which is a good tool for planting flowers and setting scenery.

Wisteria, chrysanthemum, ivy and other overhanging flowers and trees are generally used in high-tube flower pots, with small mouths and deep pots. Potted plants such as Rhododendron, Milan, Begonia, Pomegranate, Cineraria, etc., because of the large area of ​​their branches and leaves, it is suitable to use large-mouthed flower pots. The height should be selected according to the height of the pot.

Extra large flower pots, also known as flower pots, are suitable for planting iron trees, palms, kumquats, magnolias, and flowers and water lilies. Shallow bonsai pots are suitable for roots and trees such as boxwood, bromelia, elm pile, pine needles and maple. The miniature palm flower pots are small and delicate, and can be used for planting small flowers such as Wenzhu and Xianrenqiu. There are also various types of water chassis, commonly used to make water stone bonsai.

Environmental protection consciousness puts forward higher requirements for pot art products under the new situation. In order to keep up with the market situation, a variety of new solid wood composite flower pots have been developed. The brand-new advantage of this series of flower pots is the use of anti-corrosion treatment, which further ensures that the product is not deformed or cracked, and can guarantee the long-term maintenance of bright colors and smooth appearance, which is currently unattainable by other ordinary materials. The products are mainly used for landscape greening and are the preferred choice for planting flowers and trees.

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