Function and maintenance of plastic flower pot


Flower lovers have always used traditional ceramic pots […]

Flower lovers have always used traditional ceramic pots for planting. With the development of society, ceramic flower pots have gradually been replaced by plastic flower pots. Compared with traditional ceramic flower pots, high-quality water storage function, exquisite appearance, light and versatile plastic flower pots, more and more residents love. And with its widespread use, its use has gradually increased.

As we all know, plastic flower pots are mainly used to grow flowers, but more and more people use it to grow vegetables, especially urban residents, and they prefer to plant on the balcony. This method not only plays a role in decoration, beautification, viewing and consumption, but also plays a role in environmental protection, and also ensures that the green edible vegetables of the family are pollution-free and fresh. In addition, planting vegetables on the balcony can also purify indoor air, decompose harmful substances, regulate air humidity, and make the indoor living environment more comfortable.

Planting vegetables on the balcony enriches the life of housewives and the elderly, exercises the body, enjoys the joy of work and the joy of harvesting, relieves the work pressure and life pressure of the working population, and increases the child's proximity to nature, closeness to nature, and knowledge of plant growth. The opportunity to cultivate the child's hands-on ability. Since it has so many advantages, proper maintenance is necessary

1. When using the plastic pot, pay attention to the light handle, do not let the disk appear uneven force, otherwise it is easy to damage the disk.

2. If it is a stack of plastic pallets, look at the load-bearing capacity of the bottom disc, whether there is damage, if any, to reduce the weight in time.

3. When placing the goods, it is best to place them on average so as to avoid side squats during lifting and handling.

4. When using the plastic flower tray to carry the goods, it is necessary to consider whether the size of the goods can meet the use of the plastic disk, and to avoid the improper size and the plastic disk.

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