How about growing flowers in plastic pots?


Now more and more people are willing to grow flowers. N […]

Now more and more people are willing to grow flowers. Not only do people who love flowers have high requirements for flowers, but also the requirements for flower pots have changed from simple and practical to beautiful. There are many types of flower pots on the market, such as ceramic flower pots and plastic flower pots. Plastic flower pots are actually newcomers to the flower pot world, so how about the effect? Let me introduce you.

In fact, people now have a misunderstanding about plastic flower pots, that is, there will be harmful substances in plastic flower pots, which will decompose harmful substances under the irradiation of the sun. This decomposed harmful substance may cause damage to the roots of plants, which will affect the growth of plants. However, according to relevant sources, plastic flower pots will not cause damage to plants. On the contrary, the effect of using it to grow flowers is very good. Because the performance of the plastic pots produced now is very stable, it will not decompose under the sun. And its water penetration effect and breathability are also very good, you can safely choose and use.

Plastic flower pot with ornamental and practical use

When we were visiting the flower market, our mood was the best. In front of all kinds of natural flowers, it seemed that all our worries had disappeared, and our hearts were free to wander in the sea of ​​flowers. In the flower market, not only flowers are attracting people's attention, but the flower pots used to hold flowers are also a beautiful enjoyment. Most of the flowers used to plant flowers are now plastic flower pots. In addition to cultivating flowers, this flower pot There are many uses, the following is an introduction to these uses, let's take a look!

Planting flowers in plastic pots is a relatively common use. Have you ever seen using plastic pots to grow vegetables? Not to be surprised, planting vegetables in flower pots is also a practical and beautiful experience, but some people will ask, the material of plastic flower pots is plastic, can the vegetables grown in it be eaten. You don't need to worry about this problem, because this flower pot is made of organic plastic, which is very stable, does not decompose easily, and has no toxic effects, so it is safe to grow vegetables.

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