How to choose a bonsai flower pot? How to place indoor bonsai flower pots


Bonsai adds a lot of energy to our room. When we are in […]

Bonsai adds a lot of energy to our room. When we are in a bonsai flowerpot, what issues need to be considered? What should be paid attention to when placing the bonsai flowerpot?

一 Bonsai flower pot material

The design of bonsai flower pots is also an art. Over 2,000 years ago, bonsai flowerpots have begun to appear in China. However, with the passage of time, bonsai flowerpots are now more integrated with art. Flowers and trees also need to be designed and transformed. In terms of materials, some twisty trunks or mountains can be used as bonsai flower pots. In order to improve the natural beauty of bonsai flower pots, it is also good to draw materials from nature.

Classification of bonsai flower pots

When choosing a bonsai flower pot, we still need to learn to distinguish the type of bonsai flower pot. In general, bonsai flower pots are divided into two types, one is stump bonsai, and the other is landscape bonsai. The main difference is the thickness of the branches. Now in stump bonsai, generally thicker plants are selected, and the branches and leaves are thinner. There are many plants suitable for stump bonsai, such as Luo Han pine, elm and so on.

When we want to choose landscape bonsai, we can use better and artistic stones. Such as stalactites or coral stones. According to the shape of the stone, landscape bonsai can be classified again.

3 How to choose a bonsai flower pot

In bonsai flower pots, in addition to choosing the right plants or rocks, we also need to choose flower pots. Under normal circumstances, we will choose the tile basin. Tile pots can also choose glazed ceramic pots or general ceramic pots.

The growth of flowers needs to be based on the habits or characteristics of the flowers. If you prefer sunny flowers, we can place bonsai flower pots on the balcony or on the counter table. There are still differences between bonsai flowerpots and potted plants, so bonsai flowerpots give us more vitality.

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