How to deal with plastic flower pots in summer?


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 What kind of flowerpots are used to grow flowers in summer? Taizhou Bowei Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is recommended that you choose plastic flower pots, which is convenient for follow-up operations, and is also conducive to your treatment of flower pots. Below, we will explain to you the treatment of plastic flower pots during summer flowering.

Many friends will choose ceramic flower pots when planting flowers. Such pots have good water permeability, but they are relatively heavy, and they are not suitable for growing flowers in summer. Because the weather is hot in summer, ceramic flower pots cannot be treated, and the flowers planted may accumulate. Water, rotten roots, etc. To plant flowers in a plastic flower pot, you can drill a few holes with a power drill on the side of the flower pot, or use a blade to cut a square like a door. In this way, you can view the water source in the flower pot through the square piece. The water poured at the mouth of the flower pot can also seep through a small hole to avoid excessive water accumulation in the soil of the flower pot, resulting in rotten roots and water accumulation.

The bottom of the plastic flower pot has a vent hole, but because most flower pots are placed directly in the tray, this vent hole cannot be smoothly ventilated. Therefore, we recommend that you make an iron frame or wooden frame, which is placed between the flower pot and the tray, to give the vent a real chance to play a role, so that it can also prevent the flowers from rotting and accumulating water.


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