How to deworm the plastic flowerpot?


Plastic flower pot plant teaches you how to eliminate i […]

Plastic flower pot plant teaches you how to eliminate insects

High-end plastic flower pots are planted with refreshing flowers, which is undoubtedly a kind of beautiful enjoyment, and the emergence of bugs breaks this beauty, and people start to think of every way to eliminate pests. How many methods do you know about potted flowers? It doesn't matter if you don't know too much, let Huamate Plastic Flowerpot Factory teach you some potted flowers for pest control!

1. We can bury two mothballs in a plastic flowerpot, and place the mothballs at a distance of about 10 cm from the mouth of the pot for the best deworming effect.

2. We all know that garlic has an overweight pungent taste, so we can boil the mashed garlic in boiling water and pour the clear liquid into a plastic flower pot.

3. Buy some medicines such as Temex from the flower market and put them in the soil to prevent insects.

4. Choose a few ginkgo leaves and bury them in the pot so that bugs such as scarabs will not approach the flower pot.

5. Put the vinegar in the water and mix evenly and spray it on the flowers to prevent insects.

Have you learned the above introduction of deworming methods? Come and try it now and let your beloved flowers grow strong!

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