Methods of homemade plastic flower pots


What are the methods of homemade plastic flower pots? W […]

What are the methods of homemade plastic flower pots? What are the materials of homemade plastic flower pots

The flower pots placed by families are generally bought, and some are made by themselves. If you don't like flower pots on the market, you can make your own style flower pot.

Preparation: plastic bottle (beverage bottle or mineral water bottle), flower, utility knife, cloth or napkin, rope.

Production Method:

1. First clean the plastic bottle, then cut it from the middle.

2. Plant the flowers upside down at the entrance.

3. Put it upside down into the bottom plastic bottle.

4. Wrap a piece of cloth around the flowerpot and tie it with a rope to complete it.

5. A plastic bottle can realize the flower pot and the underlay plate which can discharge water.

This is made from the outer box of Great Wall Black Label wine, because it is made of paper, so only dry flowers can be inserted.

Putting a few rich bamboos on this table with this cola vase will add life to the home.

Hemp rope and cola bottle for vase

One day, when I saw a few cola bottles piled up at home, I suddenly thought about it and wanted to use it for vase flower arrangement. This is my exclusive design product! It is very environmentally friendly and practical.

Step 1: Cut off the cone-shaped part of a large Cola bottle. Be sure to cut it neatly, and prepare a roll of thin hemp rope.

Step 2: Stick double-sided tape on the periphery of the cola bottle, stick it upright, and stick it every 2cm.

Step 3: Wrap tightly around the cola bottle with a twine, slowly looping it round and round, while sticking it firmly to the double-sided tape.

Fourth step: weave a twist braid at the mouth of the bottle, and stick some ornaments to make the appearance.

Drink bottle, cola bottle as flower basket

Recently, more and more I like to grow potted plants, and bring the beautiful rural scenery back to the room, always keeping a fresh and comfortable mood. Today, the editor of Jiashengbao brought you a cute cartoon animal flower container made of drink bottles, cute bears and bunnies, a little more cute and childlike. Let's take this waste utilization handmade tutorial together!

Beverage bottles, cola bottles, materials needed to make flower baskets: drink bottles, scissors, bear and bunny head models, paints, brushes, colorless smooth paint, paint brushes.

1, prepare two plastic beverage bottles, remove the outer packaging and clean, cut with scissors in the middle, leaving the lower half for future use;

2, then draw the outline of the bear on the cardboard, and paste the model of the bear on the drink bottle, and draw its model with a pen;

3. Cut out the model of the bear's head and ears along the lines;

4, bunny rabbits do the same thing, and then apply a layer of white paint to the surface of the plastic bottle;

5. Start the production of the bear's drawing below. Draw the face of the bear's face with earth-colored paint, draw the oval bear's mouth with white paint, and then draw the bear's eyes, nose, little mouth and other bodies with black marker Parts are coated with a layer of blue paint, and then painted with white paint to paint small dots with a brush;

6, and then painted the ears with brown paint, and then use black pen to write some blessings next to decorate the bottle body;

7. Finally, apply a layer of colorless smooth paint to increase its smoothness and gloss;

8. The same method can also be used to make a rabbit vase, just replace the bear model with a rabbit model;

9. Beverage bottle waste is made by making cute cartoon bear flower.

Cola bottle homemade plastic flower pot

Make this flower pot that uses the principle of capillary phenomenon to keep the soil moist-it is still made from waste plastic bottles everywhere, really environmentally friendly! Now tomatoes and cucumbers are growing. Uh-huh, Bowei felt that he could also coat kraft paper bags or cotton sacks in flower pots, which would be more beautiful.

2 liter cola bottle, cotton rope, soil and seeds. It's that simple!

First step, cut the bottle in half. This can be done with a knife. Then use a nail and hammer to drill a hole in the bottle cap.

In the second step, tie the rope through the cap. Adjust the length of the rope.

Step three, unscrew the bottle cap back. Install the two parts of the bottle as shown in the picture.

Fourth step, fill with water and soil. Water is in the lower half of the bottle, and soil is in the upper half of the bottle. Water is automatically transferred to the soil through cotton ropes. The soil absorbs enough nutrients and naturally will not continue to receive water from the cotton rope. After the water is reduced, you take out the upper half of the bottle and pour the water into the lower half of the bottle.

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