Painted flower pots tell the types of different flower pots


  1. Tile pot: called a plain pot. This pot is mad […]


1. Tile pot: called a plain pot. This pot is made of burnt clay. It is available in red and gray. It has good drainage and ventilation functions, low price, and complete standards. It is most suitable for family flower cultivation.

2. Purple sand pot: called pottery pot. Delicate in manufacturing, mostly purple, its water and ventilation functions are not as good as tile basins. It is used to plant moist flowers and plants, and can also be used as a pot.

3. Ceramic pots have exquisite skills, clean and elegant, and beautiful appearance. The drawback is poor drainage and ventilation. It is mostly used as a pot set for tile pots to decorate indoor or exhibition flowers.

4. Glazed pots are painted with various colors of glaze on the pots. The appearance is beautiful. The glazed pots have poor drainage and drainage, and a layer of glass is added inside.

5. The paint pot is sun-proof, bright in color, and fashionable, it is a visual beauty enjoyment, elegant appearance, smooth surface, water can meet many days of water once, and solve the problem of time-consuming and labor-intensive.

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