Planter Pans Can Be Used to Spice Up Your Garden Decor


Planter Pans Can Be Used to Spice Up Your Garden Decor […]

Planter Pans Can Be Used to Spice Up Your Garden Decor

Plastic flower pots are a great accessory for your houseplants. They can be decorated in such a way as to enhance their beauty and at the same time can be used for decoration. Apart from making your flower pots look beautiful, they can also protect your plant from any kind of damage whether it is caused by extreme hot or cold weather or some insects. Therefore it is necessary that you know how to keep them well maintained so that your investment grows in value and last longer.

Let us see what you need to do if your plastic flower pots are not looking as beautiful as you want them to be. Simply painting a plastic flower pots will make them look different from the original. Paint should ideally be plastic based instead of oil based. Also a deep rich brown that always looks wonderful with green plants, something altogether different may be fun also. Suggestions? Some wonderful ideas include adding a few cut flowers like gerberas, tulips and violets to your garden.

If your plastic flower pots are a bit old and used, you can recycle them. Look around, you might be able to find used pots at garage sales or you can place an advert in your local paper to attract people to your door. I know that a lot of people will not be willing to part with their old pots. If this is the case, you can always recycle the plastic. This is one way of saving your money instead of disposing them off after you use them up. However, you will have to carefully clean the pot and make sure you remove any sharp or point objects that may harm the plant.

Your plastic flower pots can be painted in any pattern that you wish to paint on them. You can also try painting on decorations to dress up your pots. For instance, you can make little animals, floral designs or landscapes in your Terra cotta pots. This will be a great way to give a different look to your pots without spending too much money on it.

What if you do not want to change your plastic flower pots but want to add a new design? You can make use of your old painted pot to rope in some ropes and thread them through the plastic. This will create a lovely decorative touch to your terrace or backyard.

In case you are planning on using your pots for a long time, you can paint it with a protective coating so that water will not be absorbed by the plastic. This will help your planter last longer. It would be wise, though to go in for a repainted plastic flower pots with some good quality sponge that is well-known for its ability to resist soap scum from the water for extended periods. There are many stores that sell both these items at reasonable rates so that you can choose the best one for your garden decor.

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