Planting flowers in plastic pots and fertilizing are the key


Planting flowers in plastic pots and fertilizing are th […]

Planting flowers in plastic pots and fertilizing are the key

In addition to drinking water in daily life, people also need to eat to get more nutrition. Since people need nutrition every day, the same living plants also need nutrition. Regular fertilization can ensure faster and better growth of plants. When plants are grown in plastic flower pots, fertilization is very important. There are many methods of fertilization, the common ones are the following:

The first is to sprinkle a layer of medical stone particles in a plastic flowerpot, which can be bought in the flower market. It is a kind of flower fertilizer, which can promote the growth of flowers and prolong the flowering period.

The second is a commonly used fertilization method in the family, using eggshell fertilization. This method of fertilization is very simple, and it has also achieved waste utilization, but it has played a very good role. Crush the eggshell and bury it in a plastic flowerpot, so that the plants can grow luxuriantly and the leaves will bloom.

The third is to use soybean powder, and pierce three holes in the plastic flowerpot. Be careful not to damage the roots of the plants when piercing the holes. Put 3 to 5 cooked soybeans in each hole. This method is suitable for use when the plant has just been planted and the roots are not well developed.

The fourth method is to water the flowers with rice washing water. In fact, there are abundant inorganic substances in the rice washing water, which does no harm to plants. It is a compound fertilizer and a mild fertilizer, which does not damage the flower roots. It is very simple to use, as long as the pot soil in the plastic flowerpot is not soaked in water, it can be used at any time.

In fact, there are other methods of fertilization, I will mainly introduce these four methods today. When using plastic flowerpots to grow plants, the fertilization process is critical.

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