Planting green plants indoors is good for your health


  Although people enjoy a convenient life, environ […]


Although people enjoy a convenient life, environmental problems have always plagued people, especially the indoor environment where they live. Therefore, plastic flowerpot manufacturers recommend that friends plant some green plants indoors to benefit their health.

       Brown bamboo is a large-leaf ornamental plant. It can absorb more than 80% of indoor harmful gases and play a role in purifying the air. And it also has a certain effect on eliminating heavy metal pollution and resisting sulfur dioxide pollution, and absorbs carbon dioxide to produce oxygen, which has a good effect on improving the indoor environment.

       Rich bamboo is also a common green plant grown indoors. Placing it in the bedroom can play a disinfection function, improve indoor air quality, absorb exhaust gas in the bedroom, and improve the quality of the private environment. plant.

       A fortune tree is planted in many offices, mainly to add joy to its name. Actually you do n’t know, the fortune tree is

An evergreen plant that absorbs toxic gases in the room through photosynthesis and releases oxygen. It also absorbs carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. It is more resistant to the waste gas from tobacco combustion. Friends who have a smoking habit must plant a fortune tree.

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