Plastic flower pot manufacturers introduce flower pot trays to you


Plastic flower pot manufacturers introduce flower pot t […]

Plastic flower pot manufacturers introduce flower pot trays to you

Whether at home or in the office, in addition to plastic flower pots, flower pot trays are needed to grow green plants. The flowerpot tray we understand is not only used for waterproofing and leakage, but also has other functions. There are many types of it. Let's take a look.

For many large plants, the use of Vientiane caster trays is very suitable. As the name suggests, this kind of pallet has casters, which is very convenient to move, saving you a lot of effort when carrying large plants. The size of this pallet is not fixed, so you have more choices. And there are many kinds of colors of this kind of pallet, you can choose according to your preference. Many times we like to water more when watering plants, or some plants prefer humid environments, we can choose flat-edge deepened trays. The advantage of this tray is that its bottom is deepened and can store more The amount of water provides a more humid environment for the roots of plants, which is conducive to the growth of plants.

Follow the manufacturer to understand the main use places of plastic flower pots

Flowers add new colors and fun to our lives and work. Many people like to grow a few pots of green plants at home or in the office. So, what role does plastic flowerpot play in the cultivation of these green plants? Where are they mainly used?

Family planting green plants mostly choose ceramic flower pots instead of plastic flower pots. First of all, family-grown green flowers are large, such as fortune trees. The use of plastic flower pots may give people a "top-heavy" feeling. Moreover, the plastic flower pots on the market are limited in size, mainly small flower pots. , There are few large flower pots. In addition, large green plants need good air permeability. At this point, ceramic flowerpots are obviously more advantageous.

So, where is the main use place for plastic flower pots? One is the office, because most of the plants grown here are small potted plants, which are small in size and have less demand for sunlight. Plastic flower pots with holes and trays at the bottom can meet the growth requirements of green plants, and they are lighter and can be placed directly It's fine on the desktop. The second is the flower market. There are many flowers here. Plastic flower pots are used as spare flower pots. The cost is low, and the requirements for appearance are not high, so they are very suitable.

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