Plastic Flower Pot Saver


  Plastic flower pots have been a mainstay for man […]


Plastic flower pots have been a mainstay for many commercial plant sales over the years. Most greenhouse growers use the plastic pots when transferring seedlings from the ground to windowsill planters, large pots and hanging baskets after a client brings them home. Flower shops and nurseries often have plastic flower pots available for purchase or for rent. While plastic flower pots have many advantages, they have some disadvantages as well. This article will discuss the benefits and disadvantages of the plastic flower pot saucer.

One of the most attractive things about plastic flower pots is the fact that they are made to be easy to clean. Many of the small plastic pots have a removable interior liner to wash easily, which makes cleanup time much faster than with clay pots. Because the interior of the flower pots is removable, potting soil can be easily removed to prevent build up of debris.

Another advantage to the plastic flower pot saucer is its durability and the fact that it is made from synthetic plastic material. Most plastic flower pots will not crack or break and can easily withstand exposure to extreme heat and light. In addition, plastic is a natural deterrent to many pest pests.

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