Plastic flowerpot factory introduction suitable for indoor planting of green plants


  It's almost winter, and most of the plants in na […]


It's almost winter, and most of the plants in nature have entered the "hibernation period", and the streets are bare. Plastic flowerpot manufacturers suggest that friends plant some green plants indoors, which not only purifies the air, but also adds vitality.

       Chlorophyllum is a plant with strong vitality. It can absorb harmful substances in the air. For a room that does not often open windows and ventilate, putting a pot of chrysanthemum can effectively improve air quality and eliminate harmful substances such as formaldehyde. , Comparable to the functions of spider plant, ivy, etc.

       For friends who are often engaged in computer operations, plastic flowerpot manufacturers recommend that you plant a pot of cactus, which can effectively reduce the impact of electromagnetic radiation on the human body, and also has a strong sterilization and anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, like most other green plants, cacti can absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen at night, which is very helpful for sleep.

       Friends who smoke at home can plant several pots of clivia. This is a very elegant plant that can absorb indoor smoke and photosynthesis in weak light. Winter in the north is colder and indoor air is not flowing smoothly. , Clivia can also regulate the indoor air and keep the indoor air fresh.

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