Plastic two-color flower pots can bring benefits


Plastic two-color flower pots are loved by the majority […]

Plastic two-color flower pots are loved by the majority of people because of their own characteristics such as light and easy to move. Small and beautiful plastic flower pots such as printed pots and pendant orchid pots are not only a visual feast, but also a washing of people's hearts. But this kind of flower pot is not just for planting flowers to satisfy people's eyes, have you ever thought about it, maybe planting vegetables can also achieve this effect, so that you can not only see the beautiful scene, but also eat pure green own vegetables, It can be said that it is a beautiful thing that satisfies both eyes and mouths!

This is really convenient. It can be on the balcony, the top floor terrace, the home yard, etc., as long as the home is sunny and well ventilated, you can grow vegetables in plastic pots, such as lettuce, chives, coriander, etc. plant. Pay attention to planting vegetables facing south, so that these vegetables can absorb enough sunlight.

Using plastic flower pots in this way, you can not only relax your mind and body, but also eat healthy vegetables, the best of both worlds.

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