Porous soft plastic flower pots are more suitable for family flowers


  Family flowers can decorate the room or purify t […]


Family flowers can decorate the room or purify the indoor air, which is the choice of more and more people. In the selection of flower pots, porous soft plastic flower pots have become the primary choice of many families.

The materials of flower pots are diverse, including ceramic pots, clay pots, plastic pots, etc., which meet the requirements of many friends who love plants. However, in home flowering, we still recommend that you choose porous soft plastic flower pots. first

The first reason is that the production cost of such flower pots is low and the sales price is low. Secondly, it is easy to remove pots, will not hurt the roots of flowers, the entire piece of flower soil can be taken off, to ensure that flowers can survive after changing flower pots.

In addition, the use of porous soft plastic flower pots can also achieve ventilation. There are many holes in the bottom of the flower pot, these holes provide sufficient air for the plants, so that the plants can thrive. If you accidentally pour too much when watering

In addition, you can also drain the clean water in time to avoid rotten roots. Friends who like to grow flowers at home, choose porous soft flower pots, it can help you grow beautiful flowers!

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