Precautions for manufacturers to transport plastic flower pots


Precautions for manufacturers to transport plastic flow […]

Precautions for manufacturers to transport plastic flower pots

Every spring, many people flock to the market to buy plastic flower pots and use them to grow flowers and vegetables. Manufacturers will provide transportation services for friends who order plastic flower pots in large quantities. What should manufacturers pay attention to during the transportation process?

Plastic flowerpots are lighter in weight and come in a variety of styles. Manufacturers should pay attention to fixing the flowerpots with ropes during transportation. The flowerpots can be placed in foam boxes, which can reduce the impact of flowerpots during transportation. Bumps or even fragments the situation. When fixing the plastic flowerpot with a rope, be careful not to leave marks on the surface of the flowerpot, and pay more attention to ensure the integrity and beauty of the corners of the flowerpot.

Regardless of the season, manufacturers must check the weather in advance when transporting plastic flower pots, and try to transport them on sunny days. If there is a sudden change in weather on the road, pay attention to slow down. Safety is more important. Plastic flowerpots are easily deformed when encountering high temperatures, so keep away from the fire scene during transportation, and there should be no open flames or other high-temperature objects on the transportation vehicle.

Porous soft plastic flower pots are more suitable for family flowers

Family planting flowers can decorate the room or purify the indoor air, which is the choice of more and more people. In the choice of flower pots, porous soft plastic flower pots have become the first choice for many families.

The flower pots are made of various materials, including ceramic pots, clay pots, plastic pots, etc., which meet the requirements of many plant-loving friends. However, we still recommend that you choose porous soft plastic flower pots when growing flowers at home. First of all, because of the low production cost and low sales price of such flower pots. Secondly, it is easy to depot, it will not damage the rhizomes of the flowers, and the whole piece of flower soil can be taken off, ensuring that the flowers can survive after replacing the flowerpot.

In addition, the use of porous soft plastic flower pots can also achieve ventilation. There are many holes at the bottom of the pots, these holes provide enough air for the plants, so that the plants can thrive. If you accidentally pour too much while watering, you can also drain the water in time to avoid rotten roots. Friends who like to grow flowers at home, choose porous soft flower pots, which can help you grow beautiful flowers!

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