Precautions for storing plastic flower pots in summer


    The high temperature and sufficient water in s […]


  The high temperature and sufficient water in summer are a good time to plant plants. Whether they are planted in flower pots or in the ground, the survival rate of the plants is relatively high. Therefore, plastic flower pots will usher in the peak sales season in the market, and manufacturers should also store flower pots in summer.

 There are many types of plastic flower pots produced by manufacturers, and their appearance is beautiful, but the sun is relatively strong in summer. Prolonged exposure to flower pots will cause the plastic flower pots to become brittle and fade, which not only affects the appearance but also greatly shortens the service life. Therefore, the manufacturer should avoid the sun when storing flower pots, and it is best to choose a cool and ventilated warehouse, which can also prevent the flower pots from getting wet, and there is no need to worry about the quality of the flower pots.

 No open flames are allowed in the warehouse, and workers are not allowed to smoke in the warehouse. No flammable materials can be placed in the warehouse. This is mainly because plastic flower pots are flammable and will deform under high temperatures. In addition, it is better not to have corrosive substances such as acid, alkali and salt in the warehouse, so as not to corrode the plastic flower pots. In summer, plastic flower pots need to be stored in many ways to ensure the appearance and service life of the flower pots.

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