Prerequisites for buying an ideal plastic drying rack


  1. Prerequisites for purchasing an ideal automat […]


1. Prerequisites for purchasing an ideal automatic drying rack:

Drying rod:
The drying rod is the main part of the hanger, and the thickness is the guarantee for the load. Good wife uses high-quality conjoined aluminum-titanium alloy drying rods (thickness 1.2mm) and imported 304# stainless steel pipes (thickness above 0.5mm), which have large bearing capacity, no bending, deformation, discoloration, and rust.

Hand crank:
The hand crank is the core component of the drying rack. Try to see if it is light, non-shaking, and no noise when shaking. The integrated design of "Heart to Heart" hand crank adopted by Good Lady's products has obtained a national patent, automatic gear shifting, and imported bearings, which are light and smooth, and ensure trouble-free free lifting for more than 20,000 times.

Lifting wire rope:
Since the drying rack is used outdoors for a long time, the rust-proof and soft steel wire rope is the first choice. The good lady uses an ultra-thick galvanized steel wire rope composed of 7×7 strands of fine steel wire (with an oily cotton core) or a stainless steel wire rope, and the oily cotton core is added to the steel wire rope. It can be used smoothly within three years. Slippery, soft, and does not rust.

Pulley and anti-off design:
The quality of the pulley directly affects the lifting of the drying rack. High-quality pulleys must have the characteristics of flexible universal rotation, no noise, wear resistance and anti-drop groove setting. Good wife adopts φ22mm copper bearing large pulley with patented anti-drop groove. The friction is smaller and the service life is longer.

Metal top seat:
The material selection of the top seat directly affects the service life of the product. The products on the market generally use plastic, zinc alloy, iron sheet and aluminum titanium alloy. The good wife is made of high-quality aluminum-titanium alloy raw materials and processed by advanced surface technology, which will not rust, oxidize, and never burst, and is as long-lasting as new.


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