Teach you to make a windproof hanger


  Talk about how to make a windproof hanger! In po […]


Talk about how to make a windproof hanger!

In popular drying racks, there is generally no wind-proof function. Users often encounter such annoying things: a piece of clothing that has just been washed is hung on a rope to dry, and when the wind blows, it falls on the ground and needs to be washed again. The self-locking windbreaker hook I invented can relieve everyone of troubles.

(1) is the lock sleeve, (2) is the lock cylinder, which forms a lever through the shaft (3) and the crank (4), and the lever rotates with (3) as the fulcrum under the action of the counterweight (5). When drying clothes, you only need to lift the crank (4) up with your hands or hooks. Under the action of gravity, the lock sleeve (1) and the lock column (2) are automatically separated, and the user can smoothly hang the clothes hook on the rope. Loosen the crank, and under the action of the counterweight (5), the lock column (2) is automatically combined with the lock sleeve (1) to complete the self-locking process and form a lock with the hook (6). No matter how the wind blows, Will not fall automatically. The process of taking out the clothes hanger is also very simple: just lift the crank (4) up by hand or a hanging hook, the lock will automatically open, and the user will easily remove the clothes hanger. The self-locking windproof clothes hanger can not only hang clothes on the rope by hand to dry clothes, but if you want to hang clothes to a higher place to dry, users don’t need to climb up, just use the hook to hold the crank to hang clothes easily Or remove clothing. At the same time, the hanger also has the characteristics of simple manufacture, good reliability, and low cost. .

The cover of this carton is usually covered to prevent the entry of dirt and dust. When you want to take the paper in the box, just open the lid, and the paper in the box will be automatically lifted as the lid is lifted, which is very convenient to use. After using up, cover the lid and return to the original position. This automatic carton is most suitable for toilet paper. The size of the carton can be designed according to your needs. Provided by China Education Star Multimedia Teaching Resource Library

A small fan requires only a small motor, two AA batteries, some short wires, a solid plastic foam, a pair of scissors, and some pieces of cardboard!

First, hollow out the solid foam, connect the small motor with a wire, and stuff it into the foam (to keep the rotor shaft of the small motor from leaking the foam), connect the wire to the battery, and stuff it like the foam, use scissors to cut the small piece of paper Cut it into rows and put it on the rotor shaft of the small motor!

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