The Many Uses of Plastic Garden Pots


There are many reasons to choose plastic garden pots ov […]

There are many reasons to choose plastic garden pots over traditional clay, ceramic or glass garden pots. First of all, they are environmentally friendly, which is important to many people these days. Plastic garden pots also make great storage containers for things like garden produce like potatoes which need to be kept in the yard. Use them as a means to store onions or other vegetables, and after they are washed they are ready to go straight into the home! When you are ready for them, simply take them out of the storage bin, add water and they are ready for use in your home.

Flower gardeners who need to have their plants protected from harsh weather often choose plastic garden pots, and this has proven very popular among gardeners in harsher climates. These pots can be placed over a variety of plants and left out in the open, to protect them from the weather. They are perfect to have when the weather is uncomfortably warm, and plastic is an inexpensive material that doesn't break easily. Flower gardeners can buy pots made of recycled plastic, which will then be melted and used to make flower pots. This saves on paper and plastic, which would otherwise have been needed to produce the pots.

Finally, some plastic garden pots do not come with drainage holes, which makes it very difficult to add soil to the pot. This problem is often encountered with clay pots and some plastic pots cannot have drainage holes because they are made from a material which does not allow for drainage holes. In this case, gardeners may have to purchase plastic pots which have drainage holes in them, or plastic garden pots without drainage holes.


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