The matching of plastic hangers and wardrobes


The matching of plastic hangers and wardrobes As the sa […]

The matching of plastic hangers and wardrobes

As the saying goes: Red flowers have to be matched with green leaves. The same is true for wardrobes. There are thousands of popular wardrobes on the market. How can they show their beauty? What do you need to match? Many people will answer that it is beautiful clothes, but they ignore the hangers. Maybe the wardrobe products on the market make you dazzled, no matter which one you see, you have the desire to buy it, but you have to choose according to your own decoration style, age, and space. When you choose the wardrobe and hanger The choice cannot be saved.

Although the wardrobe is mostly placed in the bedroom, it also needs to be differentiated according to age. The wardrobe of the elderly should not be too high, and it is not advisable to bend over or squat to access items. Therefore, the overall height of the drawer or wardrobe must be raised. What hanger is generally used for the wardrobe of the elderly? Perhaps many people are not particular about it. Generally, the hangers of the elderly should not be too heavy. Lightweight aluminum hangers are used. If it is winter, try to avoid iron hangers. The elderly are generally afraid of the cold and will feel too cold if they touch them.

Most of the wardrobes of young people have their own favorites. Some people like to be full of emotions, some people like to go back to ancient times, some people like high-end luxury, some people like popularization, etc. There are many kinds of tricks. After choosing the wardrobe, what is the hanger suitable for young people? Most of them choose hangers with vigor and personality, transparent plastic hangers, various inner hangers, finely plated metal hangers, exquisite cloth hangers, what kind of clothes, what kind of hangers to choose.

The drawers of children's wardrobes can be placed as low as possible to facilitate children's retrieval. What kind of hanger should the child use? Plastic hangers or cloth hangers are the best, so as to prevent the child from getting hurt or scratched.

In fact, the most important thing is to look at what type of clothes are in the closet, and what clothes hangers match with. Our company produces all kinds of hangers, men's hangers, ladies hangers, coat hangers, pants hangers, inner hangers, etc., hangers The choice, with both emotional and practical effects, can be widely favored by consumers.

How to choose model plastic hangers

In order to achieve the marketing goal, through the organization and placement of the clothes, models, props and background advertisements in the window, to attract customers, stimulate their desire to buy, and achieve the purpose of sales

Models are even more important to clothing brands. A cleverly designed model window design can attract pedestrians in just a few seconds and persuade consumers to enter the store. Due to the intuitive display effect of the model window, it has a stronger persuasiveness and sense of reality than TV media and print media. Its silent shopping guide language and implicit shopping guide are also irreplaceable by other marketing methods in the store

Through the display windows of each model, we can touch the pulse of urban fashion and feel the blowing of the popular monsoon. Therefore, the store model window is not only a window of the brand, but also a window of the city. Model windows in different regions and different cultural backgrounds not only differ in design styles, but also reflect the economic strength and cultural level of a city.

With more and more clothing brands, the clothing industry is becoming more and more international. And the requirements for costume props are getting higher and higher. The craftsmanship should be high-end, beautiful and generous, and integrated with clothing to make people watch It is comfortable. Whether it is a display stand, a model or a clothes rack, we must strive for excellence. How to make your products to the next level requires the friends of costumes and props to brainstorm and work together

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