The relationship between plastic flower pots and environmental protection


Manufacturers talk about plastic flower pots and enviro […]

Manufacturers talk about plastic flower pots and environmental protection

Compared with ceramic flowerpots, plastic flowerpots are not only lighter in weight and cheaper, but also more resistant to impact than ceramic flowerpots and are not easily broken. Therefore, plastic flowerpots are widely used. Some people think that plastic flowerpots will have an impact on flowers and plants, but this is not the case. Plastic flowerpots will not have any effect on the growth of flowers and plants. Among them, there is an environmentally friendly flowerpot that can play a role in environmental protection and resource conservation. .

The materials for making environmentally-friendly flowerpots are agricultural wastes, which can be regenerated through photosynthesis, which not only solves the problem of agricultural waste disposal, but also protects the environment, and also saves resources. It can be described as three birds with one stone. good idea. Another thing is that the energy consumption of plastic flowerpots is very low. There are only three simple steps of raw material crushing, stirring, and forming. Only a small amount of electricity can be used to complete the plant. This is equivalent to saving a lot of resources and environmentally friendly flowerpots. After not in use, it does not need to be processed and can be quickly and completely decomposed into organic matter in nature for plant growth.

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