Use plastic hangers for storage


Girly who rents a house alone often encounter this situ […]

Girly who rents a house alone often encounter this situation: working overtime, working dimly for a whole month, or suddenly being sent to another place for a long business trip. When they come home, wow, smelly socks are already piled up. The clothes with more N can be measured in kilograms. Pillow towels and quilt cover are full of dust...I tried to wash everything, only to find that the clothes hangers were not enough! What would you do then, drag your overworked body and run downstairs to buy a few more hangers? Don’t have to be so troublesome, now I’ll teach you how to transform a clothes hanger and solve all problems in 10 minutes!

   One hanger can hang up to 1 piece of clothing, 2 pieces of underwear, and 4 socks, but with a small change, two hangers can hang 8 pieces of underwear and 16 socks. Do you believe it? Try it with me.

Prepare materials:
1. Two wire hangers
2. A vise
3.16 clothes pegs

Production steps:
1. Select two wire hangers with beautiful colors, and combine the hangers step by step according to the steps shown in the figure.
2. Clamp the hooks of the hanger in a vise to bend it upward.
3. Organize this new hanger and make it as balanced as possible.
4. Clamp the 16 clothespins evenly in the middle and on both sides of the new hanger.

Let me teach you another use of a multi-purpose hanger: Girls like to put a lot of rag dolls and furry dolls at home, especially the cute pet girls who have cats and dogs at home. With this self-made multi-purpose hanger, you don’t have to Worried that after washing those plush dolls or plush toys for cats and dogs, there will be nowhere to dry them. Isn't it enough?

Several things you must know when buying plastic hangers

Pay attention to the following points when purchasing drying racks:

1. Is the tube of the drying rack strong enough?
2. Is the steel rope of the drying rack strong enough?
3. When installing, try to install the crank at a height out of reach of children.
4. When drying clothes, pay attention to the load-bearing limit of the drying rack to avoid accidents caused by overload.
5. The top seat style of the drying rack should not be too fancy and easy to accumulate dust. If possible, ask the dealer to show you a top seat.
You can take a magnet to suck it and see if it is made of stainless steel to avoid rusting in the future.
6. Be sure to look at the internal structure of the shaker. Some of them are actually made of plastic, which will easily age and break in the future.
7. If there are holes in the drying rack tube, pay attention to whether it is plastic or not, it is easy to age.

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