Want to raise flowers? First choose the pot!


    Many friends like to plant flowers in winter, […]


  Many friends like to plant flowers in winter, which can add some vitality to the cold winter. Plastic flower pot factory reminds friends that if you want to raise flowers well, you must choose a good pot first!

       There are many types of flower pots currently on the market, including plastic flower pots, wooden flower pots, and ceramic flower pots. Among them, the wooden flower pot is a light weight, good air permeability, strong water and fertilizer capacity, most flowers can be used for cultivation, but it is relatively corrosive and needs to be replaced frequently during cultivation Flower pots are easy to damage the roots of flowers. Friends are advised to choose them carefully.

       It is also a light-weight flower pot. Plastic flower pots are more popular because it is cheaper, not easy to break, durable and easy to clean, and has higher practicality. At the same time, we must also pay attention that its water permeability and water permeability are not so good, it is not suitable for the cultivation of dry-resistant plants, and can be used to cultivate moisture-resistant flowers.

       Ceramic flower pots are also more common flower pots, such as tile pots and glaze pots, which have good drainage and air permeability, but are more sensitive to the weather, especially in summer, it is easier to grow moss, which has a great impact on viewing. A friend suggested putting a plastic pot on the outside as a cover pot, but this is not conducive to the control of water and fertilizer, so it is not recommended that you use a ceramic flower pot. Cement flowerpots are heavy and resistant to corrosion, and are especially suitable for growing flowers outdoors or in the garden.

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