What are the common flowerpot types? What are their characteristics?


After the house has been renovated, the next step is to […]

After the house has been renovated, the next step is to choose a house decoration. When it comes to a house, we put some ornaments in it, such as flowers and plants, so that we can make our house fresh and natural, and also allow us to have further contact with nature.

Vegetarian pot

Also known as mud pots and tile pots, it is a flower pot made from earth, usually with drainage holes at the bottom. Its advantages are good ventilation and water permeability, suitable for the growth of potted flowers. The only drawback is that it does not look very beautiful, and it is easy to damage itself if it is not cooked.

2 Purple sand basin

Although it is beautiful in appearance and suitable for indoor furnishings, it is a kind of flower pot with poor air permeability.

3. Crock tile basin

The texture is hard and durable. The disadvantage is poor breathability and unattractive.

4. Porcelain basin

Fine production, painted with glaze, beautiful appearance, mostly used as pots, can also grow flowers. The disadvantage is poor ventilation.

5. Plastic plant pot

The advantage is that it is light and durable, but it has poor drainage and breathability. In addition, the color is not harmonious enough and needs to be improved.

After talking about the types of flowerpots, let's talk about some of the characteristics of the above flowerpots.

The above-mentioned flower pots are plastic pots most suitable for flower growth, and the cost is low. Although other kinds of flower pots have good textures and beautiful shapes, they are suitable for indoor display. However, because of their poor air permeability, we often put some coarse sand or stove ash on the bottom of the pots when planting flowers to make them seep. . Add more humus and sand to the culture soil, increase the permeability, and grow flowers and plants.

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