What should you pay attention when planting flowers in pots


Planting flowers in plastic pots is a common use. Have […]

Planting flowers in plastic pots is a common use. Have you ever seen using plastic pots to grow vegetables? Not surprisingly, planting vegetables in pots is also a practical and aesthetic experience, but some people will ask, the plastic pots are made of plastic, can the vegetables grown with them be edible? You don't need to worry about this problem, because the flower pot is made of organic plastic, it is very stable, it will not be easily decomposed, and it is non-toxic, so it is safe to grow vegetables.

Planting flowers in pots, what should you pay attention to?

1. Choose the size of the flower pot according to the type of flower, and use a large pot to grow fast, so as not to change the root of the pot.

2, according to the habits of flowers

3, it is best not to use plastic basins or basins with enamel, although it looks good and is not breathable.

4, the bottom of the flower pot must have holes, water and ventilation, to prevent rotten roots.

5. If you want to use old flower pots, if you have the conditions, bury the flower pots in the yard for a summer, because the pots that have been raised, the trace elements inside are absorbed by the flowers, buried in the soil to add The flowers grow well.

6. Control water and fertilizer according to the habit of flowers.

7. If you have pets at home or have children, pay attention to the position so as not to cause injury.

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