Why are vegetables grown in high-quality plastic flower pots safe to eat


Vegetables grown in high-quality plastic flowerpots can […]

Vegetables grown in high-quality plastic flowerpots can be eaten with confidence

Such as spider plant pots, printing pots, manger pots, etc., with beautiful appearance and solid quality plastic flower pots, if you put them at home and plant some flowers you like, you will feel refreshed and happy every day. It will go well. Now people have a novel idea-growing vegetables, this landscape is also quite spectacular. But people have also questioned how to grow vegetables in plastic flowerpots. People are worried that using plastic-made vegetables will affect the body if people eat them? Let's briefly explain and explain whether plastic flowerpots are suitable for growing vegetables.

We know that materials such as plastic flower pots belong to the category of organic matter. Organic matter is relatively stable, not easy to decompose, and will not dissolve in water, so even if it is processed under strong care or high temperature, it will not decompose much. And over time, these organic matter will slowly infiltrate the ground, but the roots of plants hardly absorb these substances, so it will not have much impact on people. The sayings of poisoning are even more groundless. .

If it is really said that someone was poisoned by eating vegetables grown in plastic flowerpots, it may be because of some plastic additives, or because the flowerpots have been filled with some heavy metal materials before. So if you want to use plastic flowerpots to grow vegetables, you must use high-quality, non-polluting, and ensure that the flowerpots are clean, so as to avoid poisoning incidents.

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