Why people prefer to use plastic flower pots


In home life, people always like to raise some small an […]

In home life, people always like to raise some small animals or plant some flowers and plants to increase the interest of life and cultivate sentiment. Among them, planting flowers and plants is a thing that can relax the mood and beautify the environment, which has many benefits. People often use plastic flowerpots when planting flowers and plants. This is for a reason.

Plastic products are very common in modern life, and plastic flower pots are one of them. The first reason why everyone likes to use plastic flower pots is that they are relatively cheap, and in terms of appearance, there are many types of plastic flower pots, round and square, and there are various patterns on the pots. , These patterns can play a role in decorating the indoor environment to a certain extent. In addition, plastic flower pots are relatively light in weight, and they are more convenient to carry or place. Especially the flower pots placed on the coffee table are lighter in weight and will not cause much damage to the coffee table.

Don't be afraid of cracks in plastic flowerpots!

Plastic flowerpots have gradually become the first choice for people to grow flowers, but some people question the quality of plastic flowerpots. Because many people report that after a period of use, plastic flowerpots will crack. Don't be afraid of cracking in plastic flowerpots. This is a common problem with every plastic product. It is caused by product stress and deformation.

Many manufacturers of plastic flower pots have begun to pay attention to this problem. After analysis, cracks usually occur at the gate. When producing plastic flower pots, manufacturers consider switching to multi-point distribution point gates. On the premise of ensuring that the plastic does not decompose, increase the temperature during the injection molding process. Under normal circumstances, stress is prone to occur only when the temperature is low. Appropriately increasing the mold temperature can reduce the possibility of deformation. In addition, increasing the injection speed can also achieve the same effect.

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