Why plastic hangers will be used less and less


Why are there fewer and fewer hangers? Many people may […]

Why are there fewer and fewer hangers? Many people may have had this experience. Why did they find that the hangers were not enough when they bought so many hangers in the first place after a period of time? After searching for a long time, they couldn't find the number of hangers they bought. In fact, this is normal. After all, hangers are consumables and have a lifespan. In actual use, it is inevitable that various situations will cause insufficient number of hangers and have to buy them again.

There is always a reason why there are fewer clothes hangers. It is impossible to disappear for no reason. Maybe it was just not noticed at the time. In general, there are roughly the following situations:

1. When drying clothes, sometimes you accidentally drop the hanger downstairs and don’t want to pick it up

2. When clothes are not hung to dry, the hangers are littered, but when they are needed, they don’t know where to put them.

3. Under normal circumstances, there are some clothes hangers in the closet that are hanging clothes, but they are usually ignored

4. The other is that if the hanger is damaged and affects its use, for example, if the metal hanger is rusted, it will definitely be unusable. Then it may be thrown away directly, maybe only one at a time, but over time, it will be more It’s easy to forget these little things

5. If the clothes hanger without hanging clothes is placed on the balcony, it is likely to blow down due to the strong wind, which is also normal

6. If you live in a dormitory, it may be that other friends borrowed to dry the clothes and forgot to return it. If the time goes on, they will be forgotten.

Generally speaking, hangers are used less and less frequently, and they are always supplemented and updated constantly, in line with the law of development of things and the actual conditions of life. If you want the hanger to last longer, you must store it frequently, and buy some high-end hangers with a long life, which will reduce the probability of the hangers disappearing for no reason.

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