Winter care and maintenance of plastic flower pots


  Plastic flower pots are often seen in our daily […]


Plastic flower pots are often seen in our daily life, but do you know, we only see one kind of flower pots, and there are many other types, we will come to understand it today What types are there.

Winter is here, all the plants outside have lost their spirits, and there is a depression around them. At this time, we particularly need to grow some green plants indoors. Having said that, we have to mention plastic flower pots, this flowering artifact, The most worrying thing about plastic flower pots in winter is the storage problem.

The temperature in winter is relatively low, and the plastic flower pots are exposed to low temperature for a long time, which is prone to material degradation and embrittlement. This has a great impact on the product brand, so the manufacturer must ensure the temperature in the warehouse when storing . Although we must ensure the temperature in the warehouse, we should also pay attention to not too high temperature, too high temperature will soften and deform the flower pot, and will also affect the quality. In addition to temperature problems, the humidity in winter is relatively heavy. Pay attention to moisture in this kind of environment. Although there will be no rust, it will always be too damp for storage. There is also the problem of fire prevention. Because the temperature is low, people always want to ensure the temperature, and a fire will occur, so we must pay attention to this problem.

In the park or at the site of a celebration, we can often see a lot of flowers placed here. Most of the flowers used here are plastic flower pots. These flower pots are generally cheaper in price, and the color is black on the outside and jujube on the inside. Red, this design is to avoid the sun shining on the roots of plants, and can promote the growth of roots. Plastic flower pots used for home flowering have more choices in color and appearance, the price is relatively higher, but the quality is also more guaranteed. These flower pots are beautiful in appearance, and most of them are also equipped with trays, which are very good to use. There is also a kind of flower pot specially used for growing vegetables. It is derived from plastic flower pots and gradually developed into the current balcony planting vegetables. This kind of flower pots have a hard texture and a very strong load-bearing capacity.

Whether you are at home or in the office, in addition to plastic pots for growing green plants, you also need to use flower pot trays. We know that the flower pot tray is not only used for waterproof leakage, but also has other functions. There are many kinds of it. Let's take a look.

For many large plants, the Vientiane caster tray is very suitable. As the name implies, this type of pallet is equipped with casters, which is very convenient to move and saves you a lot of energy when carrying large plants. The size of this tray is not fixed, so you have more choices. And there are many types of colors for this tray, you can choose according to your preferences. Many times we like to water more plants, or some plants prefer a moist environment. We can choose to deepen the tray with flat edges. The advantage of this tray is that its bottom is deepened and can store more The amount of water provides a more humid environment for the roots of plants, which is beneficial to the growth of plants.

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