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  There are too many names for automatic watering […]


There are too many names for automatic watering flowerpots, lazy flowerpots, water storage flowerpots, automatic water absorption flowerpots, and automatic watering flowerpots. Everyone uses different names to describe them. Some small partners with strong hands-on ability all mix simple things at home and make a container that can automatically absorb water. It will be a little ugly in appearance, but it can be a different experience in my heart. The principle is very simple. Everyone understands that water is stored at the bottom. After the plant is planted for a period of time, the root system at the bottom of the plant can quickly grow to the water storage layer and complete the characteristic of self-absorption, because only the root system is fertile. To water.

Renting flowers or renting, why use this kind of flowerpot, because she is lazy, compared with ceramic flowerpot, she has many advantages, for example, it can not be watered for a long time, plant replacement is more convenient, and the flowerpot is plastic The material is very light, the bottom has hidden pulleys and handles, the inner and outer basins are separated, the beautiful appearance, etc., but for renters, the only thing that can’t bear is the price, which is too high for them. I have contacted the most reflected part of customers. But things are diversified. When you use this kind of pot, do you have a change in your order strength, and whether the price of your mid-to-high-end products can be increased, which is more competitive than other peers , Or whether the manpower and material resources saved by this product can be put on the pot, or whether the survival rate of the plant by this pot has increased, consider whether you need a pot to help you complete it. If there are none, then there is no need for you to purchase.

All dharmas are inseparable from nature. Water is the most important point of plants and will never be separated from her. Therefore, the water storage in the flowerpot is the standard measured by each automatic watering flowerpot, and the relationship is the survival rate of the plant. For customers who grow at home, the greatest probability that many plants will die is that they have to water too much, forget to water or have no time to water. Yizhitang automatic watering flowerpots are produced by avoiding traditional automatic watering flowerpots, avoiding inaccurate water level gauges, and avoiding direct contact between soil and water, which may cause plant root rot, especially in winter season, we are all paving the ground The ceramsite 3 cm water storage layer, the water storage space of the inner basin is just in contact with the ceramsite, and the remaining water storage space is the tray under the inner basin. This tray is also added for water exchange, because the traditional automatic watering flowerpot is Unable to proceed. Automatic watering flower pots are mainly made of plastic, so we made a 360° cycle of ventilation on the ventilation to avoid the anaerobic respiration of plants for a period of time after planting, which will cause the root water of the plants to smell bad.

When changing pots every time, because the size of the plants and the pots are different, the bottom and side soil of the plants must be broken off, and then put in the pots, which will cause damage to the roots of the plants. After a long time, the damaged roots are not repaired and will gradually rot. This is the reason why the water smells a lot. For this reason, the smart fertilizer we imported from the Netherlands can effectively repair the damage caused by plant roots when changing pots, purify water quality, and volatilize 16 kinds of trace elements.

The maintenance of the rented pendulum 2-3 times a week still cannot avoid the survival rate of the plants. It often happens that this pot of plants does not grow well and needs to be brought back to the base for cultivation. The handling in the middle is a big problem, because many pots are made of ceramics, the size is different, and the weight is naturally not small. Bumps and bumps are inevitable, and the shortcomings of ceramics are exposed. Then the automatic watering of the flower pots can avoid this problem. You can directly take the plants planted in the inner pot from the base, take the plant to the lease, and replace the plants in the inner pot without taking away all the plants in the pot.

There are many kinds of lazy flower pots in the market, and the prices of the things that look similar are quite different, and many customers will compare them. There are roughly three types of processes: paint baking process, varnish process, and injection molding process. The cost is baking varnish> varnish> injection molding. Many customers will take the same product, and the process is compared with injection molding and baking varnish. Why is the price so different? Big, this is a lot of confusion. In fact, it can be said that the price of a separately injection molded product and a product after injection molding is as much as double the price. The quality and quality of these two products can also be directly extracted from the surface, or we can open it now. The car bumper is withdrawn. After your car is painted off, why is it so expensive to go to the 4s shop to repair it? I think you should know how high the cost of the paint process is. As a comparison, please compare the same products .

The water absorption of soil is stronger than that of ceramsite and volcanic rock. When planting, we must pay attention to it. Please do not water when the water level indicator is half of MAX. Please pay attention to obsessive-compulsive disorder here. Watering in this way will cause the entire inside of the pot to be damp, and it is easy for the plant to rot and die. We need to add water when the water level indicator reaches the minimum value of MIN. You can also water after the minimum value of 2-3 days, so you can rest assured that your plants will not die due to this.

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